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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I recently received my "Jewish" DNA results >from the FamilyTree DNA
testing service. What was tested was my mitochondrial (MT) DNA
which is the study of female genetic lines in human populations and
which identifies one's "deep ancestral ethnic and geographic
origins" on the maternal line. I was somewhat disappointed by the
results, having hoped to learn that I was Jewish going back many
generations. Specifically, what I expected to see in the results
was that I was a certain percentage "Jewish" (or rather Middle
Eastern) and a certain percentage European (or Eastern European). (A
few months ago I saw a program in England on which an English woman
learned that she was 25% South Asian (Chinese) and the rest
European. Her father was half Chinese.)

The mtDNA results revealed that I belonged to a haplogroup (genetic
population group) known as haplogroup V which migrated 35 - 50,000
years ago to Spain and Finland.

Unfortunately - as explained by the Jewish DNA expert at Family Tree
DNA - because being Jewish does not comprise a race or ethnicity, it
is impossible to determine whether a person is Jewish, only that
there may or may not be a strong possibility of being such, based on
migration patterns and mutations that occur over time within
population groups. In my particular case, because of my dozen or so
genetic matches to other (presumably Jewish) people whose mtDNA has
been tested by the same agency, there is a strong likelihood that I
am Jewish, not that I ever doubted it!

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
Formerly >from Birmingham, England

DROZDIAS - Karczew, Poland; London, Northampton, Preston,England
ISAACS, family of Solomon and Sarah - Mlawa?, Poland; Birmingham, England
KUJAWSKI (family of Szya Wolf KUJAWSKI) - Lodz, Poland; Birmingham, England
SHORN, family of Morris & Yetta - Poland (town unknown); London, England
RAUS - Karczew, Poland; London/Northampton/Preston, England
SUPERSTAYN/SAFIRSTEIN - Karczew, Poland; England

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