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On 2006.02.04, Marshall Lerner <marshalllerner@comcast.net> wrote:

[...] women inherit two X-chromosomes:
one >from their mother and one >from their father. As I understand it,
the results of the mtDNA testing would depend on which X-chromosome
the lab analyzes.
X-Chromosome DNA is separate >from and unrelated to mtDNA. Each
child inherits all of their mtDNA >from his/her mother.

Mitochondria are like microorganisms that live in our bodies, but
helping us not hurting us. They carry their own DNA that is used
for replication of mitochondria. The child's mitochondria come from
the cytoplasm of the mother's egg cell, which when fertilized
becomes the developing fetus. The father's sperm, which contains
mitochondria like most cells, passes only DNA to the egg.

As has been mentioned, mtDNA tests of four generations of women in
one family will give identical results, modulo maternity issues and
the small chance of a mutation. mtDNA tests of men who are the
children of any of these four women will also be identical.

Brian Stern

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