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Be aware that due to previously unknown adoptions and other factors
there may be upsetting news for some project members. In the
various projects I am part of we have had at least three sets of
cousins who are related in the male line according to the paper
trail but who have discovered that their DNA shows no relationship.
Another possibility besides adoption is families choosing the same
last name in the 1700s or whenever they had to choose last names,
and then intermarrying. I have a family history of my grandfather
saying that his paternal grandfather was Berl EPSTEIN, the Miller
[and therefore my father was named Berl], but my great-grandfather's
brother, Eliahu EPSTEIN, turns out to have a different father,
Eliahu EPSTEIN, according to his death certificate and gravestone
here. We hypothesize that the elder Eliahu died before his son was
born, so his son was named after him, and his wife remarried, to
another EPSTEIN. We would have never known about the different
fathers if the younger Eliahu had not come to this country and died

We'll never know if the two EPSTEINs were brothers or not, since
Eliahu's male descendents have died out. But since the 6 EPSTEINs
who have received their results back so far in the EPSTEIN surname
group *all* have different Y-DNA, my great great grandfather and his
wife's first husband could have been >from different EPSTEIN families

Marsha Epstein

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