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The Jewish Genealogical Society of NYC, Inc., will host the 26th
Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy in New York City, August 13-18,
2006. A highlight of the Conference will be the Resource Room located
at the Conference hotel. In addition to providing the Conference
attendees with an "on-site" basic research library, the Resource Room
will showcase research projects >from Jewish genealogical organizations
and societies, their members, and independent researchers throughout
the world. The Resource Room Committee is requesting contributions of
genealogical materials, which would be useful and informative to the
Conference attendees, especially those that are unique or unusual,
including works-in-progress and pre-release databases. In particular,
the Committee is requesting printed or computerized copies of indexes,
databases, unpublished manuscripts and private collections, in
addition to commercially published books and maps.

All hard-copy materials loaned to the Resource Room should be bound
(i.e. no loose papers) and will be returned immediately after the
Conference has ended. Material in electronic form and computer
databases should be compatible with Microsoft Office programs. If
you have materials to contribute to the Resource Room, please send a
description of those items to the Committee at resources@jgsny2006.org
or the address below as soon as convenient so we can proceed with our
planning. The Resource Room Committee will contact all contributors
regarding arrangements to obtain the materials prior to the Conference
and to return them afterwards. Be assured that appropriate security
measures will be taken to protect all loaned resources, however please
provide copies of your material, not the originals.

The Resource Room will also host the volunteer translators. If you can
spend a few hours during the Conference to help attendees translate
their materials, please let us know which languages you can translate,
and we will set up a schedule convenient to you.

Any further inquiries should be addressed to the Resource Room
Committee at resources@jgsny2006.org

Stew Driller,
Michael Pertain,
Co-Chairmen, Resource Room Committee

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