DNA Research #DNA Re: Best DNA Testing Service for Ashkenazi Jews #dna


On 2005.06.01, Karen Rosenfeld Roekard <roekard@lmi.net> wrote:

I assume this [comparison] aspect happens within the company itself
and so the sample with which it is compared is not that large and
that it is important to do the testing with a service that has the
most people >from your area. Is this true? I am interested in anyone's
experience with this testing: which service would be best?
Ftdna.com (or Family Tree DNA) has both an internal testing service
and sponsors both www.ysearch.org and www.mitosearch.org to whom you
can and **should** transfer your results for comparison with a large
number of others tested both inside and outside the company.

In addition there are three other DNA internet newsletters of
interest, one >from Rootsweb which is useful for getting expert
interpretation on understanding the final results and two from
http://www.isogg.org/ which also has much information for beginners
as well as experts.

Sam F Vass

(Final note: Many testees who thought their ancestors were
Ashkenazim are now finding through testing that they really were
Sephardim or both.)

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