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You are correct, by "not related" they mean not related through
their patrilineal (father's father's father's father's) ancestors.
The families could be related through other ancestors, but the DNA
isn't tested for other ancestors. This is because of the science
behind it.

The Y chromosome is passed down essentially intact >from father to
son through every generation, so this is what men are tested for,
especially for surname matching. mtDNA is passed down essentially
intact >from mother to both her male and female children through
every generation, so both men and women can be tested for this.
However, men do not pass the mtDNA on to their children. So the
path >from mother to daughter through each generation is the only
continuous path for mtDNA.

The FTDNA projects are run by individuals, not by FTDNA or
JewishGen. So the lack of a Galician project just means no one has
chosen to start one yet. It's very easy to start a project, just
contact FTDNA if you are interested in starting one and being the
coordinator. I just started a project for the former Polesie region
of Belarus, which I'll be officially announcing on the JewishGen
lists later this month, I hope. I'm still working on getting it

If anyone on this list has *already* tested with FTDNA and has
patrilineal or matrilineal ancestry >from the Polesie region (ie,
Brest, Kobrin, Pinsk and nearby areas), please contact me. See
this map for more towns in the Polesie region -

Elise Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland

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