DNA Research #DNA Re: What does "Not related" mean? #dna


Karen wrote:

What I seem to understand though is that these tests are only
testing a limited range - father's father's father, etc. Isn't
it really saying "not related through that particular ancestor?"
Couldn't they be related through some other ancestor?
Karen, you are quite right. What is meant is "not related" through
the all-male Y-surname line, within a genealogically significant
time-frame--the more recent centuries within which there are records
from which relationships can be determined. By the time you get back
12 generations or so, you'll have common ancestors with lots of
people through various of your 4,096 ancestors in that generation. Y
DNA tests tell us about only one of those lines, and mtDNA about one
other. The rest are still up for grabs, using traditional research

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