DNA Research #DNA NY2006 Conf. Update on Holocaust Related Programming #dna

Gloria Berkenstat Freund

A large number of Holocaust-theme lectures are being presented at
the 26th Annual IAJGS Conference to give attendees the latest and
best information for what many regard as holy work.

* Peter Lande will discuss the new resources available at the U.S.
Holocaust Memorial Museum archives and library. The USHMM?s database
of 3 million records, usually available only at the museum, will be
accessible for use in the Conference Resource Room.

* James Connelly, of the USHMM Registry of Holocaust Survivors, and
Marian Smith, Senior Historian at US Citizenship and Immigration
Services, will introduce the INS Foreign Address and Occupation
Index, a new set of records recently acquired by the Registry of
Holocaust Survivors at the USHMM The index relates to immigrants who
arrived in the United States in the decades after World War II.

* A searchable database of Jews in the Russian army killed and
missing in action during WWII will also be available in the Resource

* A representative of the Shoah Foundation will be present at the
Conference providing computer access to the videotaped testimonies
of Holocaust survivors.

There will be over three dozen Holocaust-related lectures as well as
an extraordinary program touching on the widest range of interest.
For more information about the Conference programs and Conference
registration, visit our website at www.jgsny2006.org

Gloria Berkenstat Freund
26th Annual IAJGS Conference Program Committee Chair

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