DNA Research #DNA RE: Determining "Jewish" Identity Through DNA Testing #dna

Sean M. Silver <sean_silver@...>

On 2006.07.20, Yisrael Asper <yisraelasper@comcast.net> wrote:

DNA testing can hopefully reveal whether it is likely that you have
Jewish ancestry. However, individuals who belong to any haplogroup
cannot simply on that basis be certain of having Jewish ancestry,
much less identify themselves as Jews.
There also has been recent research, as well as new FTDNA projects,
that have brought to light other haplogroups which focus on Jews who
are not YDNA haplogroup J. There have been several points in Jewish
history where admixture was possible, but there's also the chance that
at any time during the formation of the ancient Hebrews that others
might've become part of the Jewish people.

After all, Abraham traveled to what is now modern day Turkey, where
there seems to be strong evidence of an Eastern R1b that might well be
the predecessor of Western R1b by thousands of years. My own project
focuses on R1b of Jews who have a definitive (and uninterrupted)
history of Judaism. To boot, six out of my group are Kohanim.

As Yisrael said, though, the only thing which proves you are Jewish
is your faith. Some of the most devout Jews I've met are actually
converts who felt an affinity for the religion. I, myself, am one of
those Kohanim I mentioned in my project. Results of R1b surprised the
heck out of me, but I've turned it into a personal calling which has
resulted in theories and explanations I never could have imagined.
Also, several scholars and scientists have also become interested in
my search as well.

Sean Silver

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