DNA Research #DNA Descendants of the MaHaRaL of Prague #dna

Henry (home) <hmsinai@...>

I am researching the SINAI family name and have initiated a DNA
project. Please contact me privately if you believe that you are
descended on a direct male line >from the MaHaRal of Prague (R. Judah
Loew ben Bezalel) or one of his male siblings (especially, R. Sinai
ben Bezalel).

Henry Sinai
Raanana, Israel

Researching: Personal Name of "Sinai"
Family names: SINAI (SZINAI, SINAJ,SYNAJ, etc.); PARNES- Lemberg
(Lvov), Brody, Berlin; GOLDENBERG- Brody, Berlin; MOSZKOWSKI- Opole
Lubelskie; Leszniow, Rzeszow, Poland; SOBEL- Opole Lubelskie, Rzeszow;
Poland; SCHMITZ - Slovakia, Austria/Hungary; WOLARSKY -Mlawa; Poland;
JELLINEK - Bratislava (Pressburg), Vienna

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