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Steven Bloom

On 2007.06.05, Carol Rombro Rider <CRomRider@...> wrote:

[...] On the 25 marker with an exact match there are 12 matches --
two are similar surnames with different spellings so I would assume
this is one surname in reality.
There are 14 other matches with a genetic distance of 1, two with
the same name.

There are 16 other surnames with a genetic distance of 2.
Perhaps if you also gave us a sketch of what you know about your
direct paternal line it could be of some help in interpreting these
results? Also, what does FTDNA (assuming you are with that company)
give as the probability for most recent common ancestor within, say
4, 8,12,16 generations?

For instance, I can trace my original paternal surname back to the
1820s in central Poland, however, I go back one generation prior to
this surname adoption--around 1770 or so. Any other children of this
18th century 5th great grandfather would almost surely have adopted
a completely different surname upon reaching adulthood, likely in
different villages. So, if I had something like a 25 marker match,
or better, a 67 marker match, it would probably indicate a match
with someone who had a common male ancestor who lived around that
time period, in the 100 years or so prior to surname adoption
(assuming that no infidelities in marriage in the following
generations, etc.). I would imagine that some of the other
explanations given might apply, but it might be more simple---you
had a prolific ancestor in the 18th century with many children that
lived long enough to adopt different surnames.

Also, have you heard back >from any of your matches? That might
provide some insight.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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