DNA Research #DNA mtDNA match with wife of Rabbi Mordekhai-Gimple JAFFE #dna

Chaim freedman

I have found a DNA match (maternal) which I share with Hinda the
wife of Rabbi Mordekhai-Gimpel JAFFE, the "Rav of Yehud." She was a
sister to Freida the wife of Rabbi Natan-Nata LURIA of Krakinova.

These two ladies were daughters of one Rabbi Yitskhak CHALUTZ of
Utenya. I am seeking information about the latter and in particular
the identity of his wife. He does not appear in the All-Lithuania
Database in Utenya. In fact I cannot locate the surname CHALUTZ. The
source for that is Tidhar's "Encyclopedia of the Pioneers of the
Yishuv and its Builders," Volume I, page 351. Perhaps members of the
JAFFE family can help me.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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