DNA Research #DNA Should I take Y-DNA 37 or 67 Marker test? #dna

Laurence Harris <laurence@...>

I am contemplating taking a Y-DNA test using Family Tree DNA. My
paternal family surname is SUPOSKY (or similar) probably >from the
Jedwabne (145 km NE of Warsaw, Poland). Consequently, I need to
decide how many markers I should have tested.

My objective is to link with others with ancestors >from this
town/area who have similar DNA and also to see if there are other
with a SUPOSKY (or similar) surname who have similar DNA.

I appreciate that a 67 marker test is likely to provide more
information on which to determine the likelihood of a match in
recent generations compared with a 37 marker test. However, is it
possible to have a 37 marker test first and then upgrade to a 67
marker test later (without taking a new sample)? If so are details
of the fees for a 37 to 67 marker upgrade on any website, and what
is the web page address?

Are many persons undertaking Y-DNA test going to a 67 marker test
first; or are most going for a 37 marker test first and then
upgrading to a 67 marker test as and when it appears to be

Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, England

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