DNA Research #DNA Re: Is DNA testing Worthwhile? #dna

Justin Loe <justinloe@...>

On 2008.02.23, Marshall Lemer <marshall.lerner@gmail.com> wrote:

the number of my HVR1 mtDNA matches represents just 0.2% of their
tested population and 0% of their HVR2 population. I guess that
could mean that my HVR1 "cousins" might be somewhat closely
related since we're such a rare bunch. Nope. Ditto with my
Y DNA analysis.
With respect to the usefulness of mtdna testing, rare haplogroups
can be somewhat more useful, as in your case, because the matches
are forensically rare.

DNA testing is a question of probabilistic matching. Those with
rare haplotypes, such as yourself, may wait some time for close
matches, just based on the overall frequency of their haplotypes
within the population. Remember that 100,000+ yDNA samples
represent only a small fraction of the overall diversity of ydna in
the world population.

We're only in the beginning of this scientific study, and time will
yield more information.

Justin Loe

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