DNA Research #DNA What do my matches mean? #dna

ms nodrog

Hello all DNA Genners,

I am a little confused about DNA testing and the results. I have
submitted my mtDNA to Family Tree DNA. I have also signed up for
the Ukraine group.

Periodically, I receive notification of matches and now have
approximately 150 matches using my Low resolution HVR1 DNA results.
My Haplogroup is K.

My problem is that I don't understand how I relate to the 150
matches. Should I be contacting just the people in my Haplogroup
or should I be contact all 150 people. Also, would my search be
more specific if I also had HVR2 results? If so, can my results be

Using the map provided on the Jewish Ukraine West page, I enlarged
the map until my town came into view and I am the only person from
the area. What is the significance of that?

I would appreciate any help in understand my results. I have read
FAQ but still need some additional help.

Thanks in advance,
Hope Gordon

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