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My Haplogroup is K.

My problem is that I don't understand how I relate to the 150
matches. Should I be contacting just the people in my Haplogroup
or should I be contact all 150 people. Also, would my search be
more specific if I also had HVR2 results? If so, can my results be
You can upgrade, >from your original sample. Only matches within your
own haplogroup are significant, and they don't mean much at HVR-1
only. If you also have an exact match at HVR-2, that's a pretty good
indication that you share a common matrilineal ancestor within the
last six or seven centuries.

Using the map provided on the Jewish Ukraine West page, I enlarged
the map until my town came into view and I am the only person from
the area. What is the significance of that?
All it means is that no one else has joined the project and
designated that town as the maternal ancestral origin.

mtDNA, because of its slower mutation rate compared to Y-DNA, is
most useful for finding deep ancestry, refining the haplogroup
classification, but if someone descended >from a more recent common
ancestor takes the test, an exact match will be your proof...
However, DNA cannot tell you how far back your common ancestor
may have lived, or how closely you are related to your match.

Donn Devine
Wilmington DE USA

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