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My problem is that I don't understand how I relate to the 150
matches. Should I be contacting just the people in my Haplogroup
or should I be contact all 150 people. Also, would my search be
more specific if I also had HVR2 results? If so, can my results be
I am not sure of what you are asking. These 150 people must be in
your (maternal) haplogroup if you match with them. They are all more
closely related than other "random" members of the same haplogroup.

Your search would indeed be more specific if you upgraded to HVR2,
and you can do this with Family Tree DNA relatively easily. Just
contact them if you can not find it on the web site.

Using the map provided on the Jewish Ukraine West page, I enlarged
the map until my town came into view and I am the only person from
the area. What is the significance of that?
There are certainly a lot of folks >from western Ukraine who have
been tested. They probably just haven't joined this particular
group, or aren't >from quite the area you are looking at. Its
certainly something to keep track of over time, but in and of
itself, I don't think it has profound significance at this point.

I would appreciate any help in understand my results. I have read
FAQ but still need some additional help.
One thing that is important to understand is that mtDNA tests will
not be as specific as yDNA tests. The main reason why is that mtDNA
does not mutate as rapidly as yDNA, and thus can only be used as a
test of fairly "deep ancestry", meaning more likely the common
ancestor was at least 1000 years ago. With HVR2 matches the most
recent common ancestor might have been about that recent or a little
more, but I haven't seen anything anywhere near as specific or as
recent as for YDNA modeling.

Nonetheless, if a 4th our 5th cousin of yours along your direct
maternal line (you both share an ancestor who is a mother's mother's
mother's mother, etc.) gets tested, you could find him or her via
this test. You won't know *from* the test that he or she is this
close of a cousin, but, it might be one way of discovering them.
Likewise, if you want to prove such a relationship with a known
cousin, you can use this test.

Most likely though, the vast bulk of these 150 matches will be
extremely distant cousins. Perhaps 20th cousins or more distant.

I hope that helps.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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