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On 2008.03.05, Bob Kosovsky <kos@panix.com> wrote:

Has anyone figured the probability of this kind of situation - where
both a Y-DNA and mtDNA match points to the same person?
I haven't seen this myself. I would think the probability goes way
up if your parents are >from the same region (ancestrally). In those
cases, it may not just be coincidence, in the sense that there was a
significant amount of marriages within families or at least close
circles of families. In that sort of case, both the common maternal
ancestor and common paternal ancestor *might* be fairly recent.

However, keep in mind that mtdna tests deep ancestry (for the most
part--though he could be a closer relative). So, though your
paternal ancestor might have lived around 1700, the common maternal
ancestor possibly lived before 1000. I think this greatly increases
the chance that this is more or less coincidence. I haven't seen a
probability calculation for this sort of thing, but some folks may
have made rough estimates.

Incidentally, I have figured out that it is very possible that one
of my first cousins is her husband's 17th cousin :-) --though I
don't think either line is pure maternal or pure paternal---so their
own kids wouldn't find the common mtdna and ydna matches as you

Steven D. Bloom

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