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Annette Stolberg <annettes@...>


I am in deep quandary over the meaning of "low resolution" that
provided 50 names of people that match my dna. The high resolution
results of my test will be unavailable until mid April. The quandary
is if a dna match means a relationship between myself and 50 people on
the low resolution list, can I assume that they are relatives of mine?
These are names >from the Jewish Ukraine project, where my roots are.
One of the people has already contacted me and my reply gave the towns
where my family were born; I have yet to hear back >from this person,
and am feeling reluctant to contact any of the others on the list.

So - if I do make an effort to contact the other 49 names, what does
anyone suggest that I reveal about myself? Because the female line
wouldn't have a surname base that would be constant, as with the male
line, I thought I wouldn't give family names. Should I give the names

Thank you for any information about low resolution dna results and if
these results accurately confirm or do not confirm family
relationships to me.

Annette Stolberg,
Rochester, NY

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