DNA Research #DNA A Message from JewishGen's Founder #dna

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

There are times when it's almost impossible to find the right words,
and perhaps this is one of those times.

Twenty-two years ago (seems like eons), I had an idea that grew up
to be JewishGen. Over the years you may have been one of those
wonderful people who offered help and together we nurtured that
brainchild of mine. Together we loved it and lived it.

It has been an extraordinary ride and looking back >from where we
have come, we can all take enormous pride in what we have
established collectively. It is a legacy that I know will follow me
wherever I go for the rest of my life. There is nothing better than
knowing that you have fulfilled a dream and to know you have made a
difference in so many lives. I will cherish these years forever.

I am ever so grateful for the true friendships I've developed along
the way, ever so grateful for the spirit of the volunteers who have
worked with so much dedication over these many years creating and
building a real grassroots effort that was at the core of my vision
and so grateful that JewishGen has been at the center of my life for
so many years.

I can't thank everyone enough for lending their talents, their
skills, their hearts, their ideas and their time. Effective Monday,
March 31st, I will no longer be associated with JewishGen either as
an employee or as a director. Even though I may be moving forward
and perhaps defining yet another life purpose, please know that
JewishGen and all of you who walked the walk with me, nurturing my
dream along with yours, will remain in my heart forever.


Susan E. King
JewishGen Founder

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