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On 2008.03.31 Annette Stolberg <annettes@frontiernet.net> wrote:

I am in deep quandary over the meaning of "low resolution" that
provided 50 names of people that match my DNA. The high resolution
results of my test will be unavailable until mid April. The quandary
is if a DNA match means a relationship between myself and 50 people on
the low resolution list, can I assume that they are relatives of mine?
This really depends on what you think of as a "relative", but you
certainly have a common female ancestor, though it might be very far
back in time. I don't have an exact number, but >from what others
have discussed, but we are talking about 1000 A.D. as a rough time
frame for most of these matches, and maybe several hundred years
more recent for high resolution matches. I urge others to correct me
if I am off.

The bottom line is that it is unlikely that you will find a "paper
trail" connecting you to these folks.

However, think of the following scenario:

What if a fairly recent ancestor, such as your mother's mother's
mother's mother had a sister. This sister then in turn has a
daughter, and she has a daughter, etc. The most recent generation
then gets an mtDNA test, and, voila! , she matches to you! For a
rare case such as this, you may be able to figure out the

So, since you have paid for the test anyway, I suggest you contact
these folks, maybe just give a couple town names and general info on
the direct female line.

You never know what might happen!

Steve Bloom
Central Va

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