DNA Research #DNA JOWBR Milestone: One Million Records #dna

Joyce Field

JewishGen is pleased to announce that the JewishGen Online Worldwide
Burial Registry (JOWBR) has now reached a milestone. With the
current quarterly update, this searchable database exceeds one
million records! We have been able to accomplish this feat because
of donations of data and photographs >from hundreds of individuals
and organizations. We also want to thank the translators who
assisted by translating the inscriptions on photographs of matzevot
and entering the data into our template. In addition, as many of
you know, JOWBR could not function without Nolan Altman, Max
Heffler, Michael Tobias, and Warren Blatt.

Following are the number of records added to each country in the
past quarter. There are too many cemeteries and landsmanschaft
plots covered in this update to enumerate. The total number of
cemeteries in JOWBR is now 1,929, and total number of burials is
1,006,675. New burial records by country follow:

Belarus: 392
Canada: 15,993
Germany: 1,214
Hungary: 28
India: 104
Moldova: 3,410
Romania: 246
Ukraine: 968
USA: 10,074

As you travel this year and visit ancestral towns or towns in your
current country of residence, please consider recording data from
the Jewish cemeteries and/or photographing all the tombstones in the
cemetery or landsmanschaft plot for JOWBR. Following are the web
sites with information on JOWBR:

Search the database:
Cemetery inventory:
JOWBR instructions:
Photograph guidelines:
How to submit data:
Donor agreement:

We look forward to receiving burial data and photographs for the
next JOWBR update. Feel free to contact Nolan Altman
<nta@...> or me with your questions or for assistance.

Chag sameach.

Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

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