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Bob Kosovsky

Hi folks,

I hope someone can explain something that appears on my list of Y-DNA
matches (>from FamilyTreeDNA).

For 12 markers, I have 12 "exact" matches.

For 25 markers, I have just 3 "exact" matches; then it lists:

Genetic distance - 1: 1 person
Genetic distance - 2: 2 people

As expected, all the people of 25 markers, whether exact or with
genetic distance, are a subset of the 12 marker matches.

For 37 markers, no one is exact; instead it lists 4 people:

Genetic distance - 1: 2 people
Genetic distance - 2: 1 person
Genetic distance - 3: 1 person

Up to this point, I understand everything well - it's like a process
of winnowing down to understand the gradations of relatedness.

But the puzzling thing is that the person listed as genetic distance 3
is not a person who shows up on my 12 marker match, or anywhere else
of my Y-DNA matches. Shouldn't he have shown up as a 12-marker exact
match? Or does that only test certain markers and this guy has a
different set of 12?

Any ideas appreciated.

With best wishes,

Bob Kosovsky
New York, NY

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