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roe kard

I keep reading things like: "the female line wouldn't have a surname
base that would be constant, as with the male line."

My research in Vital Records, Tabular registers and other materials
from Galicia/now Ukraine shows that often it can be the mother's
rather than the father's name that is being carried. Thus, surname
may not necessarily be a defining characteristic.

The easiest example for me to share is my family of origin: my
mother's half-siblings carried their mother's family name while she
and her full-siblings carried their father's name. My father carried
his mother's family name and I took his father's name when I got
divorced because I wanted a tie to my family but not my maiden name.
All four of my grandparents were Chassidim which may account for
this, but many folks >from this geographic area were Chassidim during
the 19th Century, even if their surviving descendants moved to being
Modern Orthodox or whatever in this country.

On this Yom Hashoah I add, Zichron Tzaddikim Livrachah - "The memory
of these righteous ones is a blessing."

Karen Roekard
aka Gitel Chaye Eta Rosenfeld Rokart

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