DNA Research #DNA Where should I do my DNA test and which tests? #dna

Fred Zimmak <Fred.Zimmak@...>

Dear Genners,

I am very new in researching ancestor with help of DNA. I tried to read
about this but find it complicated. I want a brief understanding, but would
not want to be an expert in this area.

I would like to do a DNA test but become confused of the different test that
different companies have. I would like to search both on maternal and
paternal line. I also am interested >from where my ancestors originally came
from, the different groups that I read about. I have both Jewish and
Christian ancestors. On my mother's side, both on the Christian and Jewish
part, there are male decedents who I also would like to use to trace the
paternal line there. (if they agree to do this of course.)

from beginning I wanted to this at Ancestry and use their database for
this. But I realized that Jewishgen also have such a offer. In Ancestry
there is a function to transfer DNA test >from other companies. How does this
match the test >from Jewishgen? And can I transfer several DNA tests to

Wish tests and which company would you recommend me to do? Maybe Jewishgen
do not recommend a specific Company?

Best regards

Fred Zimmak / Stockholm, Sweden

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