DNA Research #DNA Should the U.S. Census include a DNA test? Discuss. #dna

Martin Fischer

Imagine a few decades >from now. The U.S. Census questionnaire is
completed by most people in a private, secure online form. Controversy
brews over how the race question is worded, and over whether there
should even be a race/ethnic question. Meanwhile, with new technological
discoveries and increased participation in genetic genealogy, the cost
of DNA tests plummets.

The U.S. Census Bureau decides to eliminate the race/ethnic question
from the form, replacing it with a DNA cheek-scraper swab sent by mail
to everyone's home. This enables the Census to obtain much more
accurate, reliable information concerning Americans'
racial/ethnic/haplogroup origins.

How realistic is such a scenario? Would you oppose or support such a
development? What sort of impact would it have? What would the framers
of the U.S. Constitution who required the census have thought?

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois, USA
The Fischer and Levin family history web site can be seen at

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