DNA Research #DNA Re: More about using Y-DNA testing #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

Jeff Malka wrote:
"But elsewhere on the FTDNA website, when I click on any of my 12 marker
exact matches it says it is a 30% possibility at 4 generations - which
sounds a lot better!

Here is what comes up for any of my exact 12 point matches:

In comparing 12 markers, the probability that Mr. ...... and .....
shared a common ancestor within the last...
Comparison Chart
Generations Percentage
4 33.57%
8 55.88% ..."

Those figure are for the general population. Not for persons with
Askenazic ancestry where persons with 12 markers matches all have a
different surnames. What I did was to add 6 generations to the number of
generations above to cover the 200 years since we began using last names.

Sidney Sachs

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