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Arline and Sidney Sachs

Dr. Richard Pavelle <rp@...> wrote "A person who I believe to a
4th blood cousin and I wish to determine whether we are, in fact, related.
What kinds of tests would determine that and what is the cost."

First, since Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) has the largest database, that is the
company to use because you would most likely find additional matches. If
both of your lines are paternals and you both are males, you should use
the Y-DNA test. If both lines are on the maternal lines, then use and the
mtDNA test. However, either test would not tell you if you do match which
level of cousin you are. If you two couse on any family lines, then you
can use autosomal tests (Family Finder at FTDNA). It would give an
estimate how close you are related.

However if you are both Ashkenazic Jews, because of centuries of
in-blooding, presently the autosomal test would give you so many match
results. You really can not tell whether the common relative was the one
5 generations back you are looking for or combination of two or more
relatives of 6 or more generations further back. In the same way, if you
are truly 4th cousin, the test may estimate you as closer cousins. Beside
this, there is also a very small chance that you are truly 4th cousins but
your DNA would have nothing in common since randomly only half of DNA of a
parent is passed down to each of their children.

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA

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