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My question is, for group administrators who are doing
haplogroup projects, how do we find the others? One can use
their own matches, but this list is not complete.
Sidney Sachs
J2b_455-8 Group Administrator
Hi Sidney,

Unfortunately there's not a quick & easy way to get a list of everyone in
the Family Tree DNA database who matches your haplogroup cluster.

So I would suggest that, in addition to emailing your own matches and
checking Ysearch, you could ask your own project members to contact their
matches as well. I wouldn't ask your entire project to do this since some
people will have the same match list, which would cause multiple requests to
the same people -- but you can choose members with slightly different
haplotypes who would have different match lists, and ask them to help out.

Herb Huebscher did a great job recruiting members for our WIRTH project,
which is a cluster study like yours, so maybe he can provide some additional
insight. I don't recall if he's on this list, though -- Herb, are you here?
:-) If he's not, I can get you in contact with him.

Elise Friedman

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