DNA Research #DNA Re: Recruits for DNA Projects #dna

Israel P

When I signed up for my own tests (Y & Mt) I had visions of asking any
number of relatives to test as well and even began calculating who would be
the best fit for testing withing my various family and single surname projects.

My own results were so vague and weak, that I now cannot imagine asking
anyone to spend the large sum necessary for testing, considering the

"Reluctance" takes all kinds of forms.

Israel Pickholtz

On 26 Jul 2011 at 0:04, DNA Testing digest wrote:

I second Sidney's request for help in recruiting for DNA Projects: Is
there a fact sheet we can give to reluctant family members whose help
would be appreciated? They are terrified of submitting DNA material,
even though I've told them this is not a "forensic" test that could
identify them...

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