DNA Research #DNA Re: Is my haplotype consistent with Jewish roots? #dna


Bill Saslow wrote:

My test results >from the Genographic project put me at Haplotype G
(M168=>M89=>M201). This gets my ancestors to the Caucusus (black sea)
close to the Ukrainian towns I know and love. Unclear how to interpret
the lack of biblical Jewish migration routes.

Are there other Jews with Haplotype G? How do they reconcile their roots
from the DNA?

Haplogroup G is definitely consistent with Jewish roots. About 10% of
all Jewish men are in group G. My own haplogroup is G2c, which is a
subset of G and is practically 100% eastern European Jewish Ashkenazi.

You have to put the timelines - biblical/historic vs. genetic/prehistoric,
in proper perspective. Haplogroup G and all other major haplogroups were
formed in prehistoric times, long before the biblical narrative or the
Jewish people existed. Your G ancestors in Ukraine did not migrate
directly >from the Caucasus. If G did originate in the Caucasus, its
members migrated throughout the middle east at first. Some of them, not
all, became Jewish and blended with the Jewish population in the land of
Israel. Later they were exiled and spread throughout the world. Some of
them ultimately reached Ukraine. Jewish haplogroup G members were well
mixed with the rest of the Jewish population well before they found a
home in the Ukraine.

Elan Caspi
El Cerrito, CA

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