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Arline and Sidney Sachs

Since most Ashkenazi Jews did not have surnames until several hundred
years, we should joined as many projects as possible at Family Tree DNA.
There is no limit to the number you can joined. I am in nine projects.
The reason for this is you would received more matches, mostly from
persons that are 1 off on 12 markers >from you. In my project, one member
after joining discovered that his father was already tested and was one
off. (This happen once in about 45 times with the 12 markers Y-DNA

After joining your surname project and your geographical projects, you
should join is the "Jewish Heritage Project" for all Jews. Then if you
have a family history of being a Kohanim, then join the "Cohen" project
from the surname list. Then joined your haplogroup project(s). For
Jewish ones, some are hard to find. The "Jewish E", "Jewish R1b", and
"Jewish Q" are under the J in the Y haplogroup projects list. However
someone that is J2a4 can find their project under WIRTH in the surname
list. For myself, I joined the projects for "J", "J2", "J2b" and my own
project "J2b_455-8".

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA

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