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Cassio Tolpolar wrote:

"I've been recently reviewing some of my DNA test results (Y-37), and
would like to know if two people have different haplogroups does that
mean they are not related at all or not necessarily?"

If two people have different haplogroups their most recent common
ancestor (MRCA) lived at least several thousand years ago. With some
haplogroup pairs the MRCA may reach back 60,000 years or more, to the
first human migration out of Africa. I think you'd say they are not

Keep in mind though that the Y-DNA test tells you only about your
direct paternal ancestry, i.e. your father's father's ..... father.
You could have a first cousin on your mother's side, for example, who
is in a different Y haplogroup.

Elan Caspi
El Cerrito, CA

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