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Sarah L Meyer

I am confused and need some help. I ran a DNA family finder test on myself
about 15 months ago. The population finder results came out 100% Middle
East Jewish with a margin of error of 1 basis point (.01%). I have been
testing cousins ever since to narrow down which matches came >from which
line. Until now all of my cousins were primarily Jewish based on the
population finder. I just tested a 1/2 second cousin (entering that into
the confirmed relationship is a challenge). We share my paternal
grandmother's father, but do not share my paternal great grandmother's
mother. (A widow married a widower - and this cousin is a descendant of the
widower) and I am a descendant of that marriage. His population finder came
out 27.85% European (Britain and Finnish, Orcadian, Russian and Roumanian)
and 72.15% Southern European with large margins of error (18.29%). His
mother is not Jewish - so that would account for 50% of the European
population, but what about the other 50%? How can we possibly match (and
yes I do show up as a match down on row 77 of over 600 matches) if my DNA is
100% Jewish and his is 0% Jewish? Suggestions? Has Family finder changed
their algorithms to look more like GEDMATCH - which does not have a Jewish
option? He does have a lot of matches with Jewish names...

Sarah L Meyer Christiansen
Georgetown TX

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