DNA Research #DNA Re: No replies from matches #dna

Marion Werle <werle@...>

I, too, am guilty of not replying to some emails if they fall into certain
categories. If I get a response >from a 67-marker YDNA match >from my first
cousin's sample, I will definitely reply. If I get a message >from an mTDNA
match, which is my own (and I have had only the basic test), I typically
ignore it, as I would >from someone who matches me as a 5th cousin on the
Family Finder, since there are so many. Unless they give me specific
information that matches the locality or surname, I probably wouldn't pursue
it. If it is a closer FF match and there is more specific information, I
would follow up, but that hasn't happened so far.

Even the 67-marker match has turned out to be a dead end when it gets to the
particular SNP matches. Two people in one of the SNP projects, both with
ancestors >from Belarus, did not match my cousin (my 2nd ggf was from
Lithuania, as far as I know), nor did one >from Eastern Latvia.

I decided to do the Ancestry DNA test, in the hopes that they may ultimately
have a larger database, so it will be curious to see what new information,
if any, I find >from that test.

Marion Werle

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