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Elaine Bush <erbush@...>

Thank goodness for this list.

A papertrail strongly suggests that Mark and I are 2nd cousins:
that his maternal grandfather--David BLUSHINSKY was the brother of
my paternal grandfather--Abraham ben Tsion BUSH (BLUSHINSKY).

Family Finder results on FTDNA gave us the suggested relationship
as 5th-distant.

Gedmatch says our MRCA was 3.6 generations or..on another comparison
chart- 3.4 generations (?!)

Does 3.6 generations to MRCA equate 2nd-4th cousins in FF terms? or
3-5th? or is it a tossup?

Gedmatch shows that we do not share X chromosome matches. Does this
difinitively mean that we are connected on my father's side.....but
in theory it could be through my father's mother?

Would there be any reason to also have my brother's autosomal testing

Any suggestions for further testing?

Thank you for your help with this.

Elaine Bush
Pleasant Hill, CA

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