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David Schreiber

I, similarly to many on JewishGen, have attempted to wrap my head
around the meaning of my Family Finder tests and the significance of
some of the results. Since almost none of us are aware of the nature
of or criteria involved in the algorithm being used to define our
cousinhood we can only guess at the basis of these conclusions.

This weekend I decided to use FtDNA's chromosome browser to compare
my 22 third cousin hits and found some, to me, intriguing results. I
found 3 people who share almost exactly with me an apparently
significant stretch of chromosome 2. All three of these show the
exact same similarity endpoint. Two of those same people appear to
share exactly the same 16.81 cM region with me. Now, I realize that
these kinds of results could be biased to a certain extent by such
things as recombination "hot spots" or perhaps in this case "cold
spots". I can see also how these biases could be caused by
unevenness of the distributions of the chosen SNPs thoughout the
genome, but I find it hard to see how two people could share such a
substantial region so exactly without being related. Any thoughts on
these observation? Thanks in advance.

David Schreiber
Melbourne, FL

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