DNA Research #DNA Re: no match with my sister #dna

Pesha Lea

I am new to DNA testing. But my view is the following. The Y DNA
test is more definitive in determining if two men are >from the same
male line. But if the Y test is negative that is not the end of the
story. For the time period in Europe that we are interested in,
children often took their mothers surname. In my grandmothers family
the mothers surname was used until my g-grandparents got married
through the city when my grandmother was 25 years old. At that point
the children (in there 20's and 30's) became legitimate retroactively
and began using their fathers surname. So if the Y DNA test is
negative it is still useful to conduct an autosomal test to see if
there is a non-male-line relationship. If you only use the Y DNA test
you will miss all of the relatives who used their mothers surname.

Debbie Estis
Murrieta, CA

Researching: GOLDBERG OF Lviv, MENGELGRUN of Brengel near Krakow,
LIPSHUTZ of Lviv, ESTIS of Kasitin, MANDEL of Lviv, SCHACTER of
Kasitin, BARACH, of Bialystok.

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