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Cyndi Norwitz

On Feb 10, 2013, at 10:38 AM, Laurie Budgar wrote:

I've been researching my genealogy for years, but have not yet
used a DNA test, and have lots of very basic questions about them:
--I'm hoping to confirm a relationship between my family (BUDGAR)
and another family (BUDGOR). This seems like a dumb question, but
to do this do I need to have both my brother and a male member of
the BUDGOR family take the Y-DNA test, or is my brother sufficient?
You need both, so you can compare them. If you already have Y-DNA
from another Budgor, you can compare your brother's results to that

What information, exactly, can I expect to get >from the Y-DNA test
my brother takes? Will it give names of relatives, or just numbers
of haplotypes, etc.?
Haplotype and markers. There is some relative matching at FTDNA but
I don't have experience with Y-DNA.

--Can I get even more information if my brother (and/or I) take the
FamilyFinder test instead? Would that be more info than if my brother
took the Y-DNA and I took the Mt-DNA test?
These are three completely different tests.

MtDNA is great but will tell you nothing about your Budgar family since
that's your dad's side. It traces maternal lines.

Y-DNA is necessary for tracing paternal lines.

FF is an autosomal test and gives you the best relative matching and
also ancestry admixture.

--Also, I understand that 23andme provides health info in addition to
genealogical information, but that their genealogical info is
considered inferior to Family Tree; can anyone explain why?
It's not true.

23andme, FTDNA, and Ancestry.com all use the same (very close) chip for
autosomal info, about 700k SNPs (locations). 23andme then adds on
another couple hundred thousand SNPs for health.

For your $99, 23andme will also give you a decent mtDNA test and a
basic Y-DNA (no markers, just SNPs). Of course only men get the Y-DNA.
This may be the best place to start with your brother and the potential
related Budgar. If the Y-DNA doesn't match and the Relative Finder
says no match, then save your money and don't get more tests for the
other Budgar. If there is a match, then you can move on to FTDNA.

FTDNA is the only place I believe that does the full mtDNA test (which
you don't need for these purposes). Their Y-DNA tests are also far
superior to 23andme's. But they are a separate test >from the Family
Finder so you can't use that fact when you compare Family Finder to
Relative Finder.

Both companies give excellent information and give you access to your
raw data. The inferior or superior part is about which test you get,
not about the company. They're both excellent companies. I'd say
23andme wins for autosomal, even if you don't care about the health
parts. Besides, paying $99 for a 23andme test then $89 to transfer
the 23andme results to FTDNA is cheaper than just buying the FTDNA
Family Finder test (though they have a sale now for $169 I think).
The reason to transfer is to be in both databases.

If you want good Y-DNA, FTDNA is the place to go. But if you know
you also want autosomal and aren't sure about the Y-DNA, I'd go for
23andme and see if you at least have a Y-DNA match. If you don't,
then don't bother with further testing (with the other Budgor). If
you do have a match, then you can't say you're related but it's a
sign that the FTDNA Y-DNA test would be worth doing.

Cyndi Norwitz

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