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I've been researching my genealogy for years, but have not yet used a
DNA test, and have lots of very basic questions about them:
--I'm hoping to confirm a relationship between my family (BUDGAR) and
another family (BUDGOR). This seems like a dumb question, but to do this
do I need to have both my brother and a male member of the BUDGOR family
take the Y-DNA test, or is my brother sufficient?
For now, lets just assume you are using FTDNA. They could process your results
without the BUDGOR male, but for that specific one on one test, you
would definitely need both males to test.

What information,
exactly, can I expect to get >from the Y-DNA test my brother takes? Will
it give names of relatives, or just numbers of haplotypes, etc.?
You will get a list of matches, their contact info (optional, so not
everyone gives it), and how tightly they match.
You will get an initial "best guess" as to what the haplotype is.

--Can I get even more information if my brother (and/or I) take the
FamilyFinder test instead?
Perhaps, but I don't think it would give that much more information
for the specific test you intend. That is, matching two
BUDGAR/BUDGOR, the test (assuming they really are related), might
tell you just that---that they are related---which you would
already know if they match on the ydna test.

I would only do the FF test in this case *if* you are really
interested in finding out all possible relatives along all lines.
If all you want to do is test these two men mentioned above, then
forget FF and mtdna for now.

Would that be more info than if my brother
took the Y-DNA and I took the Mt-DNA test?
Mt-dna is passed to a male, so you need not take the mtdna test, you
could have your brother do it >from the same sample as all the other
tests, BUT, I don't recommend it in this case, as it would only provide
information on your maternal line.

--Also, I understand that 23andme provides health info in addition to
genealogical information, but that their genealogical info is considered
inferior to Family Tree; can anyone explain why?
I don't think this has anything to do with the company (which I like,
for a number of reasons). Its my experience that their customers just
tend not to have that much genealogical information, which makes the
test much less powerful. In my mind, these tests are only as good as
the genealogical information that all of the "matchees" have to back up
the indicated relationship. Otherwise all you know is that you are a
cousin with said person, which doesn't say much more than what you
might have just guessed at without having spent hundreds of dollars.
Also, 23andme does not do a ydna test specifically, they just do a
haplogroup determination. Their test is actually a good value, BUT if
you really want that specific y-dna test, you really should go with FTDNA.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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