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For some reason the DNA FAQ for already answered questions is no longer to
be found at the written site, so I might repeat some questions.
In my researches about Frisian Jewry (The Netherlands) I found that two
Levite families with different familynames were most probably one and the
same family that took different familynames in napoleontic times. I got
permission >from male descendants >from both families to do a DNA check . I
ordered two sets of tests at FamilyTreeDNA for the Y chromosome test .
It appeared that the tests could only be sent to the test person himself
(although I payed) , and I saw no possibility in the order form to get the
test results as a researcher as well. I let the tests send to one of the
participants in Holland (I live in Israel) , who delivered it also to the
second person. They both send, after testing, the test to FamilyTreeDNA.
This all happened in November 2012. So far , non of us have received any
results . Is it normal that results come in only after more then two months
Because the two families have different names , they will not be identified
immediatly because of a similar family name , so I registerd them as
Only later I noticed that there are also special tests for checking related
families. I ordered only two seperate Y tests. When we get the results ,
will there be also the possibility to compare with other families like in
the family relate tests? Do the family relate test have also 2 sets in its
package ? Is the price of those packages for one set or for 2 sets?
The two supposed brothers who took different family names were born around
1730, 10-11 generations ago. In case they were indeed brothers , how much
difference because of mutations can be expected, and how can I see this in
the test results? How much should they have in common at least ?
Chaim Caran

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