DNA Research #DNA Re: Overestimate the relation proximity for Ashkenazi Jews #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

Itzhak Epstein wrote on 24 Jul 2013: "Autosomal tests (FTDNA'a at least)
overestimate the relation proximity for Ashkenazi Jews." It is important
to understand what the results of the testing are and how they were
obtained before using them. Without that understanding, one will jump to
the wrong conclusion. Because cousins married cousins, their children
would get >from DNA >from the common couple not >from only one parent but
from both parents. This would increasing the amount of common DNA.
Because Autosomal testing can not yet tell which parent a chromosome came
from, all the companies would overestimate the relationships for any
population that married within itself.

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA

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