DNA Research #DNA Re: DNA differences between Jewish subpopulations #dna

Itzhak Epstein


All of you are probably Ashkenazi Jews and your DNA analysis did
not change. It is FTDNA that changed its designations.

According to FTDNA:
One of my sisters is 100.00% Middle East (Jewish)
Another sister is 99.37% Middle East (Jewish) +/- 0.77%
I am 85.21% Middle East (Jewish), 14.79% Europe
We all have the same father and mother. I just ended up with a
little more distinctly non-Jewish European genes.

23andme told me that I am 94.8% Ashkenazi. When I delved for its
world placement they told me 99.9% European and .1% unassigned.

The difference between FTDNA's and 23andme's formulations is

Anne Wojcicki places our origins in Europe, while Max and Bennet
affirm our west Asian roots.

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY

At 12:30 PM 12/1/2013, you wrote:

Can anyone refer me to a detailed article about the DNA difference
between Ashkenazi, Shaphardic, and Mizrim Jewdisim? My mothers
autosomal test first showed 100% Ashkenazi, and was then changed to
100% Middle Eastern Jewish. My fathers first cousin's autosomal test
came back 100% Middle Eastern Jewish.

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