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I have not seen any distinction among Jewish subpopulations in
admixture analysis based on autosomal DNA tests. My Family Tree
DNA results indicate 100% Middle Eastern (Jewish). My ancestors
all came >from Europe, half of them Ashkenazi and half Sepharadi.
The admixture models are a work in progress and should be taken
with a big grain of salt. They are constantly being refined and
changed based on the self-reported ethnicity of people who are
tested, and on ancient DNA samples that continue to be analyzed.
Many people have complained about inconsistent results. For
example, a person may be reported one week as 100% British Isles
and the next week the same company's report says he's 50%

I have also uploaded my DNA file to gedmatch.com. They offer
several different admixture models with about a dozen variations.
Each model variation gives different admixture results.

Elan Caspi
Belmont CA

From: Pesha Lea <peshalea@...>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2013 09:30:06 -0800

Can anyone refer me to a detailed article about the DNA difference
between Ashkenazi, Shaphardic, and Mizrim Jewdisim? My mothers
autosomal test first showed 100% Ashkenazi, and was then changed to
100% Middle Eastern Jewish. My fathers first cousin's autosomal test
came back 100% Middle Eastern Jewish.

Debbie Estis

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