DNA Research #DNA Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer #dna

Carolyn Lea

In previous posts I mentioned the new tool developed by Don Worth, found
at http://www.dnagedcom.com/. To learn more about how it may be useful
see these two blog posts:

[or http://tinyurl.com/qahoo43 --Mod.]


Be sure to see instructions for Ashkenazi ancestry.

The analyzer is a free tool.

Carolyn Lea (nee Schwarzbaum)
Oklahoma City, OK

ID# 152314

Researching: SCHWARZBAUM/SCHWARTZBAUM > Posen, Prussia >New York,
Savannah, Georgia and California ROTHSCHILD/ROTHCHILD> Zierenberg,
Hessen Kassel, Hamburg? Prussia> Darien and Savannah, Georgia
BASCH>Prussia>Savannah, Georgia LEWISOHN/LEVISON Elbing, West Prussia>
Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia OPPENHEIM(ER) > Hannover>Savannah,
Georgia and South Carolina WEINBERG >Prussia? Hamburg?> Georgia

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