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Thank you to all who have responded to my initial email, and the
fascinating conversation that has followed. There is new research
that suggests the four founding Ashkenazi mothers may be indigenous
to Europe.


Alison Greengard

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Dear fellow researchers,

Please permit me to correct a portion of a message in this forum on
February 9 that said,
" . . . all Ashkenazi Jews are descended >from two women about 1000 years

Actually, the finding by Doron Behar and others was that about 40
percent of today's Askenazi Jews are descended >from one of four women
who lived in the last millennium. This also means that the matriarchs of
about 60 percent of today's Askenazi Jews were some undetermined number
of women probably of European origin.

The four women were indigenous to the Near East when they were taken
into a major wave of Jews >from the Levant who ended up in Eastern
Europe. Those four women likely were >from an earlier migration to the
Near East of Jews originating in the Middle East in the 1st and 2nd
centuries CE.

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