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Kim Salisbury

I am trying to find out more about my great grandmother who was
adopted in Manchester in 1882. My grandmother always said her mother
was born in Florence but was adopted by a family of Irish background
in Manchester in 1882. I have compared dna results with descendants
of the Irish family and there is no match, so presumably my
grandmother was right in saying that her mother was adopted.
Sometimes she said her mother was Spanish gypsy and sometimes she
said she was Jewish. She wasn't sure what her mother's real surname
was but thought it might have been Roman or something like that. Dna
results show that there is a percentage of Middle Eastern, posssibly
Jewish, in my father. I am wondering if anyone would know how I could
find out anything more about the chances of a Jewish baby girl >from
Florence being adopted in Manchester in that period. Or whether
anyone matches my father, Reginald Thomas Salisbury, on the
Familytreedna Family Finder matches, who could help with identifying
whether there is a connection with Jewish people >from Florence. Any
clues or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest wishes,
Kim Salisbury

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