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Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

Hello to all:

I've had several relatives mention they've DNA tested, but having
tested with all three companies through focusing on FamilyTreeDNA (aka
ftdna), I invited those who have tested to consider ftdna.

That then made me wonder - if someone tests with another company, do
they get the same results if they transfer their dna >from the
competitor to ftdna or would they need to outright order a new kit and
test again.

We note that ftdna offers a decent discount for those who have tested
with one of the others who wish to transfer their results to ftdna.

I emailed ftdna's support and asked this question.

Here is the result received just a couple days ago >from ftdna's support email:

No, transferring the results would provide results equivalent to
taking the Family Finder test outright with us. Keep in mind that we
only accept the V3 chip >from 23andMe, not V2 or V4.

So there you have it, if you have tested with Ancestry and/or 23andme,
you gain more exposure to a wider Jewish audience and get some
additional/better tools >from ftdna. If nothing else, you wish have
reached another big audience of testers.

And remember - the autosomal test gets you the widest audience.
Testing *just* Y-DNA and/or mtDNA is too isolated. Autosomal is what
you really want for greatest visibility to all others who have also
tested. For FTDNA, this means their Family Finder product.


Scott Ehrlich

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