DNA Research #DNA Nobel Prize winning Paul Ehrlich and family connection? #dna

Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

It is rumored through branches of my paternal side that Nobel Prize
winning Paul Ehrlich may have a connection to my Ehrlich side.

One way I thought to see if this might be true is if a blood relative
of Paul might DNA test (if they haven't already) and I could compare
it with my own Y-DNA and autosomal tests (through familytreedna.com).

The test could be done by a cousin, uncle, whomever is blood-related,
but only the Y-DNA test can be done by a male Ehrlich.

Anyone have any insights/connections to his family, or know if any of
his blood relatives have already tested?

It may also help reveal another branch of my Ehrlich line, which I
know exists in some manner.

Thanks in advance.

Scott Ehrlich, Winchester, MA, GedMatch.com ID f316712

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