DNA Research #DNA 64 out of 67 Marker Match #dna

Michael Waas


My father recently did DNA testing through FamilyTreeDNA. I would like
to better understand what a 64/67 Y marker match means on FTDNA. For
the sake of full disclosure, the markers which were different DYS454
(1-step mutation), DYS576 (1-step), and DYS570 (1-step). As I
understand it, it indicates the high probability of our common
ancestor being within the past 400-600 years.

Thanks for your help and information, I want to be able to explain it
to my father's match, and what it indicates of our
genealogical/genetic relationship. And just so it is also clear, my
father's family, the paper trail takes us to the end of the 17th
century in Amsterdam and his match, the paper trail takes him to early
19th century Sephardic Aleppo.


Michael Waas
Haifa, Israel

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